Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Picture of the Day

Q: Raise your hand if you shot better than 25% in a deciding game in the first round of the NBA playoffs. Not so fast Steve...

Dogg: I just puked because I cannot stand Tim Duncan. He is a clutch player and will probably go down as one of the top 5 PF’s of all-time but I can honestly say that he is my least favorite NBA player now and don’t see that changing for 25+ years. His mannerisms bother the shit out of me and he’s a complete nerd...The photo also shows Steve Nash’s last days in Phoenix. I think they ship him out and believe he’ll win a title in the next 3 years if he goes to the right team.

Fuzz: I'm with Dogg in the sense that this is the last time you'll see Nash with a Suns jersey on. He's walking with his head down probably thinking the same fucking thing. The lastest report is that head coach D'Antoni is all but gone and the Suns need to go in a different direction. The high flying offense but suspect on defense didn't work for the Suns. They also got unlucky matching up with the Spurs in the early rounds the last two years. That's one team they can't beat. Nash is getting older and Shaq needs to retire and join the TNT NBA crew. Can you imagine Ernie, Kenny "the jet" Smith, Chuck Barkley and Shaq? I thought that crew couldn't get better but the addition of Shaq would be unreal. Anyways, Amare is still young enough where you can blow this thing up for a few years and make a run after the turn of the decade.

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Dogg said...

Great call on the Shaq moving to the TNT booth. Honestly, that could be a "best of" DVD bestseller. There would be so many ridiculous things said between Shaq and Barkley.